Todays was absolutely embarassing. many facepalm situations

Firstly, a girl in my art class brought in her portfolio/book thing, and had edited pictures of herself in a dress that looked pop arty.

Anyway, because the dress part looked all black, and quite poofy, I asked her 'is that a bin bag'...thinking maybe she was doing some kind of creative project making bags into dresses... it was actually a marilyn monroe style dress.

*cries from embarassment*

Secondly, I was joking around with my friend, we had a music test today, and she wasn't lending me her revision sheet that the teacher got us to write in class, so I said *loudly* 'I don't need your stupid revision sheet'...and the teacher was behind me.



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i do that all the time!

but people will forget about them, just like when you see something embarrassing and forget about it~

so dont worry~


hahhahaha.sorry for my laughing but thats my nature to laugh.mmm its ok i also had experience of embarassment moment. one day it'll b our memory.for example i just receive award on graduation dinner..mmm, u know wat award?hahaha its the most latecomer award.aishzz i just lookin' down while receiving it while my frens r laughing but its better than i just hide under table. hahaha so its ok my fren...its a momento in our life...cheer up!!!

Hahaha that kind of stuff happens to me sometimes. Like when you tell someone that they have something on their face but it's actually a mole.. I know the embarrassment XD.




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