Let it snow ^__^

Hi hi, been a while (゜∀゜)


Wow. I woke up this morning and looked out my window, and everything was...WHITE O.O

First time in a few years I saw that much snow. At least 30 cms deep. i think. It was very pretty apparently it took my parents an hour to get home from work, whereas usually it is 15 minutes.

I think it will be like this for a few days. Lucky! School was canceled. *^ ▽ ^*)

I went out to play as soon as I got up so still in my pjs. heheh.


No we weren't playing hockey We were trying to write a message, it didn't show up well in the picture though.


and the baby seal is my brother's new toy pet.. lol. He is called Unji-kun sounds cute, but not a very good meaning...



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em, the pictures so small. can i do anything to make it bigger? i've never seen this blog so i don't know if that's possible.

is hockey popular in England? here, people are crazy about hockey.

lovely baby seal. i don't know why some canadians here hunt them as a sport. i wanna hunt those sporters!

sooo cute~~

I love snow >w<//

oh god its sooo adorable!!!!!

long time no see!

i moved...to a new domain.


see u later haha~

happy v-day Rini!

sigh...i cant take psychology exam...T______T

oh well~

again happy v-day haha~


I believe that many thought was a girl. Including me in the beginning. XD v-8
good that he liked the site, thanks. v-238

PS: I love Hare Hare Yukai. ♥ v-22




Nice to meet you ( ・ω・ )ノ
Welcome to my blog
Updates will probably be few and far in between
( ・ - ・ '


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=^.^= nyan ~

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