So sad... T-T

Back to school finally, after christmas break ( T ー T) and of course, back to more exams!

Just did my english literature hard! I didn't finish the last question...Hope it went alright though.

Music exam tomorrow, and French on Friday. Wish me luck everyone! ゜∀゜)

I must really start studying. Booo

Also, I am very sad, they have stopped subbing Katekyo Hitman Reborn

FUNimation apparently said anyone who subs ep 111+ will get sued, so now I can't watch it online anymore TT.TT and I don't think they air it on TV here...


- ^ Super cute divider from Ayaka ^ -

Other news...I have highlighted my hair blonde. (゜◇゜)

Well, it's sort of dark blonde now, a bit faded. It is just the underneath section of my hair, and only a few chunky slices. I quite like it, but the parents don't agree hahaha.

Currently at school. ^O^

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you got so many exams!
my school starts on thursday, so we have weekends again hohoho~~~

u are welcome about the dividers! I was going to update today(friday) but i cant use computer today...urrr now my schedule is messed up!

hope u have a wonderful new school year~ and i imagine ur blond highlight to be very pretty!!!


RE:So sad... T-T

So many exams! ):
That's bad news too about reborn. I've read some of the manga but haven't seen the anime.
Good luck on your exams! ^^

ooh blond highlights eh? That must look kinda cool XD

I'm soo upset about the katekyo too! But I'm sure some people will continue to sub it, fingers crossed! ^_^

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