Merry Christmas!!


(゜∀゜) Hi everyone! How are you?

it's finally Christmas!! it doesn't really feel christmassy snow, no open fire, no roasting chestnuts, no snowman...etc etc. oh well, at least there's presents

We had a countdown to midnight last night, then shouted merry christmas really loud. kinda woke our parents up who were a little...annoyed (^ ^;)

FC2 Blog is so cute ^____^

Oh, I haven't said this yet, but please feel free to leave a comment. i want to meet lots of people. (*^ ▽ ^*)

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haha thank you for the comment~
I'm not japanese~ my name ayaka is japanese though, because i love the meaning "colorful summer/colorful fragrance". haha~
but i'm asian v-218

haha~ i know, the place i live is always snowing in the wrong time~ it wasnt snowing in xmas eve...

but i did had fireplace and a very big meal..urrr..i feel so full...

the puppy is adorable~

i'm glad you enjoy ur gifts~

i'm going to shop tomorrow!!!

and of course u can friend me!! haha~ it feels so good to have friends !! especially new friends!!

gosh..this comment is super long again....i dont know what i did and i just wrote so much!!!

anyways~ happy new year then!!!


ooh and this is my xmas giftie for u~ v-25

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HOHO yes I'm chinese~
Rini is very pretty, i love the meaning, so graceful~

i am glad that the tutorial make sense to you ^^*
Half chinese and Half Thai? thats so cool! you are very pretty v-218

thanks for the present! LOL~



I'm not sure how to reply to your comment , so I'll just reply here..haha.
I'm from Canada . It was already 2009 in many places around the world before it was for us XD.

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Haha, same. It's going to take me a while to properly write the date in my school assignments.Nope, I live on the westside of Canada.Also, sure you can friend me ^^. I'll friend you too then!

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Happy new year Rini!! :D

yeah. fc2 blog is so cute!!! :)

indonesia have so much story like that..
maybe more than 5 folk stories :D

indonesia have 32 province (if i'm not wrong ^_^")
and almost all of that have a folk stories about love! kinda a legend :D
i dunno all of these but i'm trying to post all folk stories that i adored :D

your blog is cute too.. ^_^




Nice to meet you ( ・ω・ )ノ
Welcome to my blog
Updates will probably be few and far in between
( ・ - ・ '


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=^.^= nyan ~

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