Todays was absolutely embarassing. many facepalm situations

Firstly, a girl in my art class brought in her portfolio/book thing, and had edited pictures of herself in a dress that looked pop arty.

Anyway, because the dress part looked all black, and quite poofy, I asked her 'is that a bin bag'...thinking maybe she was doing some kind of creative project making bags into dresses... it was actually a marilyn monroe style dress.

*cries from embarassment*

Secondly, I was joking around with my friend, we had a music test today, and she wasn't lending me her revision sheet that the teacher got us to write in class, so I said *loudly* 'I don't need your stupid revision sheet'...and the teacher was behind me.


Birthday! Yayy

Hmm long time no update

Hey hey, I'm turning 16 on friday! ...
haha my dad says he doesn't understand why people celebrate birthdays, because it's just celebrating them getting closer to death.

Optimistic person isn't he? but I wuv him anyways

Started playing Spore, OMG that game is damn addicting. even though it's a 12+...O.o does that say something about


Let it snow ^__^

Hi hi, been a while (゜∀゜)


Wow. I woke up this morning and looked out my window, and everything was...WHITE O.O

First time in a few years I saw that much snow. At least 30 cms deep. i think. It was very pretty apparently it took my parents an hour to get home from work, whereas usually it is 15 minutes.

I think it will be like this for a few days. Lucky! School was canceled. *^ ▽ ^*)

I went out to play as soon as I got up so still in my pjs. heheh.


No we weren't playing hockey We were trying to write a message, it didn't show up well in the picture though.


and the baby seal is my brother's new toy pet.. lol. He is called Unji-kun sounds cute, but not a very good meaning...



So sad... T-T

Back to school finally, after christmas break ( T ー T) and of course, back to more exams!

Just did my english literature hard! I didn't finish the last question...Hope it went alright though.

Music exam tomorrow, and French on Friday. Wish me luck everyone! ゜∀゜)

I must really start studying. Booo

Also, I am very sad, they have stopped subbing Katekyo Hitman Reborn

FUNimation apparently said anyone who subs ep 111+ will get sued, so now I can't watch it online anymore TT.TT and I don't think they air it on TV here...


- ^ Super cute divider from Ayaka ^ -

Other news...I have highlighted my hair blonde. (゜◇゜)

Well, it's sort of dark blonde now, a bit faded. It is just the underneath section of my hair, and only a few chunky slices. I quite like it, but the parents don't agree hahaha.

Currently at school. ^O^

Merry Christmas!!


(゜∀゜) Hi everyone! How are you?

it's finally Christmas!! it doesn't really feel christmassy snow, no open fire, no roasting chestnuts, no snowman...etc etc. oh well, at least there's presents

We had a countdown to midnight last night, then shouted merry christmas really loud. kinda woke our parents up who were a little...annoyed (^ ^;)

FC2 Blog is so cute ^____^

Oh, I haven't said this yet, but please feel free to leave a comment. i want to meet lots of people. (*^ ▽ ^*)




Nice to meet you ( ・ω・ )ノ
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